The Wizard


at your



"May I have your attention please."


As a brand, you want to grab your customer's attention

(and credit cards too, don't forget those!)


But most brands don't seem to succeed in this.

You know why?


Because they don't have attention-grabbing ideas and offers that customers can get obsessed with.

This is where I come in!


So, what are your business needs?


Ghostwriting/Blog posts


Blog posts help your customers, both current and potential, engage with your brand. Short form blog posts can help warm your audience up for a sales pitch, while long-form blog posts serve as great educative material for your brand followers.


Whether you need short blog posts or long-form ultimate guide blogs, you can count on The Wizard to wave his magic wand ( read type on his laptop) and deliver magical content.


Want to know more?




Do you have an upcoming launch?

Maybe you just want to sell the shit out of your product. Whatever your objective is, if you want to sell it, I got your back.


Since 2015, I've created sales copy, product descriptions, and Amazon listings for several 6-figure brands, and now it's your turn. I understand that selling isn't just slapping words on a page and hitting publish.

Which is why I'll study your ideal customers to identify what makes them tick and incorporate that into your copy.


Some would call it manipulation but isn't all manner of selling?




Brand Voice Development


Okay, let's face it. Consistency is a pretty important component in brand success. Unfortunately, the most critical form of consistency is often overlooked - the brand voice.


Your customers need to recognize your stuff anywhere from a mile away. And they can't do that if you sound like a formal boardroom guy today, and an absolute jerk tomorrow. Want to be a jerk, I can make you sound like one and make it your brand voice if that's what your demographic is in to. Want to have a formal tone? I can do that too.


I specialize in adapting to a business' need and immersing myself into it. That's why you need me in your corner if you want to successfully develop a brand voice that your perfect people will fall in love with!